The series "Sari" come from play on Thai word of "Sà-Ree-Rá" means Ergonomic. ZEDERE® Sari is a range of design with traditional Scandinavian aesthetics given a modern, stylized form and function with our special twist. To us, a chair should be more than just beautiful shape so we add function and movement into the series. Although every model is unique by its appearances and its ergonomic design, yet, they have two things in common which are SUPERIOR COMFORT and TIMELESS BEAUTY.

All the models can be customized to suit your personal taste and preference. As we believe an idea a chair that provide the personal fit like a piece of clothing. Similarly to an oversize cloth, the chair that are too big or small can cause discomfort and may lead to some health problems. A new meaning of comfortable which also offer great solution for those who are looking for simple, stylish and functional design.